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Our Councils

Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) receives input from two councils:

  • Sydney North Clinical Council
  • Sydney North Health Network Community Council

The councils advise the SNHN Board of local health needs, priorities, and gaps. They help shape local services and programs to create better health outcomes.

Clinical Council

The Clinical Council provides guidance to the SNHN Board to:

  • Improve the operation of the local healthcare system
  • Help support local primary care providers in improving patient’s health outcomes and experiences
  • Identify inefficiencies to optimise existing services and resources
  • Purchase or co-commission new services
  • Propose strategies for redesign or reinvestment

Clinical Council members have a range of experience from across the healthcare sector. Members practice within the Northern Sydney region or work with the local community.

Click here for the SNHN Clinical Council Terms of Reference

Community Council

The SNHN Community Council represents the local community’s diverse health needs and perspectives.

The Community Council gives the broader Northern Sydney community an important voice in local healthcare.

Community Council members may have lived experience of, or want to influence local health decisions about:

  • Aged Care
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities (including refugees)
  • Youth Health
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • Disability Care
  • Community and Family Health
  • Chronic conditions
  • Mental Health
  • Caring for a loved one
  • Homelessness

Click here for the SNHN Community Council Terms of Reference.